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Page Templates, CSS files, Page and List Automation Scripts (File-based components)

Certain components of a Dialogs website are stored as files on disk. Learn how to get the most out of this key Dialogs feature.

Page Groups

Pages within Dialogs websites may be arranged by "page group" for simple organizational purposes, to support SEO objectives, to direct inbound traffic based on domain name or to manage Dialogs Phantom Pages. Learn how.

Dialogs Control Panel Interface

Getting around in Dialogs is easy. Learn about basic Dialogs interface conventions.

Dialogs Basic Concepts

Dialogs websites are configured to make it easy to maintain content with minimal technical understanding and without fear of "breaking" the site. Learn how Dialogs empowers website designers and developers to easily create and maintain dynamic websites and web applications.

Dialogs Pages

Primary website architecture is typically page based. Learn how to create, edit and organize pages in a Dialogs website.

Dialogs Lists

A unique feature of Dialogs is the use of content "Lists" that ensure proper formatting of repetative content, allow content to be used in multiple areas of the same website, and can differentiate content per inbound request. Learn how to identify where Lists add value to a Dialogs website.

Dialogs Templates: Overview

Web design in the form of HTML and CSS is "skinned" into Dialogs in a series of Templates. Learn about the three types of Dialogs templates and how they interact.

Dialogs Templates: Page Templates

Broad page layout control is skinned into Dialogs Page Templates. Learn how to easily create and use Dialogs Page Templates.

Dialogs Templates: List Templates

Most dynamic content presented on Dialogs website pages is managed by the use of Lists and List Templates. Learn how to create and configure List Templates.

Dialogs Lists: Setup and Config

Dialogs Lists are both powerful and easy to manage. Learn how to setup, configure and edit content on a Dialogs List.