Dialogs Units: A Standardized Way to Manage Costs

The simplest and fairest way to pay for services. A Dialogs Unit is like a token or a credit, similar to how stock photography and other creative services are sold. Dialogs Units give you a fair baseline for all of our offered services. Unlike the "blended rates" of $250/hour (or higher) you may have encountered at other agencies, we charge a fair rate for each service we provide – if the task is simple, we charge less than one Dialogs Unit per hour. You only pay for what we actually provide.

What are Dialogs Units and Why Do We Use Them?

Dialogs Units are like tokens or credits. We use Dialogs Units in our estimates and contracts to describe the scope of the services we will provide for you. Other services like hosting and maintenance agreements are also priced in Dialogs Units.

We provide a portal for our customers so you can monitor your account. You can see what services have been performed – updated daily.

One hour of work equals one Dialogs Unit for configuration tasks like HTML coding, software configuration, and project management. For highly skilled, customization tasks, including tasks that need a senior programmer or principal, one hour of work is more than one Dialogs Unit. For simpler tasks like training, QA, content entry, documentation, etc., One hour of work equals less than one Dialogs Unit.

Our standard rate of $150 is competitive with other software development companies our size and with our level of expertise.

What Can You Buy with Dialogs Units?

The short answer is: EVERYTHING. This simplifies how you manage your budget. You know how many Units will be needed for project work, hosting, maintenance agreement (service levels), and for ongoing revisions and updates. You can track expenses in your Dialogs.com portal. You are in control of your costs.

Project Work

Whether we are working on a new project for you, making changes to your live application, or adding new functionality, all of our effort is tracked in Dialogs Units on your portal.

Hosting and Maintenance Agreements

Monthly fees for maintenance agreements (service levels) and hosting appear on your portal in Dialogs Units.

Retainer Agreements

A monthly retainer agreement can make it easier to add functionality to your application, get ongoing training (as needed), and get ongoing maintenance. A retainer agreement will:

  • entitle you to priority business hours support at no additional charge
  • even out your monthly cash flow
  • simplify your budget planning
  • bank Dialogs effort for future additions that could stress your cash flow
  • allow you to pay one low rate for all work we do for you.

All DU stay in your account until you need them. They never expire. The program requires an annual commitment of 12 monthly purchases.

  • 80 or more DU per month (960 DU minimum annual commitment) = $120/DU
  • 40 or more DU per month (480 DU minimum annual commitment) = $125/DU
  • 10 or more DU per month (120 DU minimum annual commitment) = $130/DU
  • 1 or more DU per month (12 DU minimum annual commitment) = $135/DU

This means you could save up to 20% off our standard $150 rate with a low, predictable monthly payment!

All additional DU you purchase under a retainer agreement are at your retainer rate regardless of quantity. If we do more work than your retainer amount in any month, we will invoice you for the additional work at your low contract rate.