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SaaS Builder is the foundation of your online business. Focus on the businesses in the vertical market you know and offer them websites, special applications, ecommerce, mobile marketing – anything that can be defined and repeated.

  • build your own software as a service (SaaS) online business
  • one application powers thousands of independent websites or dashboards
  • apply your expertise in an industry to create a model, re-saleable service
  • low monthly fees redue the high upfront cost for your customers.


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A brand is not just a logo. Bickford leverages brand like no one else.


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Everything a band needs to keep the fans connected and the fan gear flowing.


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RWI is a SaaS system that sells specialized websites. Dialogs makes it possible.

Case Study

Rural Water Impact

Rural water districts can quickly get a website designed just for them. See how.

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Dialogs SaaS Builder

SaaS Builder is the software behind an online software-as-a-service (SaaS) business.There are many SaaS businesses on the internet today. They commonly focus on a specific task or activity. Users pay a monthly subscription fee to use the tools offered by the SaaS. If you are an expert at something, a SaaS could change your business model from working with one customer at a time to having customers everywhere, benefitting from your expertise, while never consuming any of your time. It is the ultimate way to monetize itellectual property.

SaaS Builder features:

  • customizeable architecture
  • easy-to-use content management
  • non-technical, user-configurable templates
  • ecommerce option, including subscriber business name appearing on CC statements
  • notification system
  • fully responsive design

Pricing Examples

Build an online business around SaaS Builder.

$ – website replicator, design template selector, domain manager – as low as $10,000

$$ – add ecommerce for all subscribers – as low as $15,000

$$$ – add network of data feeds, custom design tools, complex business report – $25,000+

Per-site license fees apply. Call for details.

If you need a SaaS Builder with the power and flexibility of Dialogs, request a quote today.

Dialogs Solutions Bring Everything Together.

Content Management - DialogsCMS is the best website builder around! Control your message on the web, mobile, and social media. It's easy to use and completely aligned to your business needs.

Web Design - Build your business around a website that supports marketing goals, is mobile responsive, and connects to business processes. Start with stock templates or Dialogs custom design.

Mobile-Friendly Delivery - Leverage the explosion in mobile access through a responsive website that shares data with a Dialogs-powered mobile app or third-party-developed mobile app.

eCommerce - Succeed with your online business by employing secure, compliant ecommerce that's easy to maintain, configured to your specific needs, and accurately represents your brand.

Portals - Make it easy for your customers and employees to find the information they need. Easy-to-use group-based access controls allow you to decide what is public or private.

Inventory & Fulfillment - Stay up-to-date with where your product is – in a shelf or on its way to a customer. Easily manage shipping costs, product bundles, pick tickets, packing lists, and shipping labels.

Learning Management - Easily maintain course and lesson content delivery to internal and external learners – integrate with ecommerce for a turnkey LMS website.

Community Building - Reach your audience and never let go. Blogs catch their eye, forums start a conversation, points and achievements reward loyalty, and private messages bring people together.

Development Framework - Harness the power of Dialogs Framework™. Leverage our stable, flexible, secure development platform for efficient web applications and mobile app backends.

Hosting - Host your Dialogs-powered website or mobile backend in a Dialogs data center for the utmost security, compliance, performance, and peace of mind.

Support and Maintenance - Protect your investment. Dialogs is here 24/7/365 to keep your web or mobile app running smoothly and to grow your solution to meet changing demands.

Custom Apps - Don't settle. Many Dialogs solutions start out as custom solutions to a specific client's requirements. Let Dialogs build the right technology for your web, mobile, and process needs.