We Are Here to Support Your Business Solutions

Your ebusiness systems deserve professional support. One of the greatest advantages of building on Dialogs Framework is the available support and ongoing maintenance from the same people who developed your framework. We are a commercial business software publisher. We understand business. We understand that your success depends on uptime. We are here to maintain your Dialogs-powered systems.

Dialogs Support and Maintenance

We can provide routine maintenance for those things that cannot be avoided - your message changed or you added a new product or a new version of Internet Explorer was released and it behaves differently than all past versions. These things happen, and we are here to help you get through them.

We can also be available on short notice for business-critical systems - web or mobile app. Things happen. Content gets mistakenly deleted. Relationships with employees or third-party suppliers end suddenly. There is a long list of situations that can require quick attention. A maintenance agreement from Dialogs will give you peace of mind knowing that if an issue occurs, you have a team ready and waiting. If downtime will hurt your business, choose a maintenance agreement with speedy response times, priority turnaround, or 24/7 support.

Protect your most valuable business asset – your website or mobile app – with a maintenance agreement.

Monthly Fees (in Dialogs Units)
First Application 0.2 0.4 1.0 3.0
Each Additional Application 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.3

Initial Situation Report 8 hours 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Priority Resolution no yes yes yes
Telephone Support no no yes yes
Support Hours 8-5 CT Monday-Friday 8-5 CT 7 days/wk 24/7/365
excluding holidays

Initial Situation Report 8 hours 8 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Support Hours 8-5 CT Monday-Friday excluding holidays
Ongoing Support
Dialogs Warranty yes yes yes yes
Technical Alerts yes yes yes yes
Documentation and Knowledge Base yes yes yes yes

Application: An “Application” may be a website, a web application, a mobile app, or a combination of these. An Application is the content presentation for a single brand. For example, a website that also has a smartphone website with the same branding is one Application. A mobile app that has a web component – all branded the same – is one Application. If a business entity operates several brands, and they each have a mobile app and/or a website, each brand is considered a separate Application and would require one “First Application” Maintenance Agreement (MA) and “Additional Application” MAs for each additional brand.

Emergencies: Any issue may be defined as an emergency. Emergency work is billed at 1.5X the applicable service rate.

Priority Resolution: LevelA, LevelB, and LevelC emergencies are resolved before emergency issues from other customers.

Issue Resolution: Resolution of issues vary. No timeframe is guaranteed. Simple issues may be resolved before the Initial Situation Report is due. MA rates do not include the cost of issue resolution.
Warranty: Bug fixes and security patches to the core Dialogs software are available for download for free to all Dialogs customers. Bug fixes and security patches will be installed for free for MA-holders.

Contact Person: Each MA will have one designated contact person and one alternate contact person. These are the only two people who are authorized to make MA requests. Both contact persons must be employed by the MA holder.

Term: MA commitment is for a term of one year (twelve months). For new MAs, the term begins on the date payment is received. For MA renewals, continuous MA coverage requires receipt of payment prior to the end of the previous term.

Termination Fee: Annual MA commitments may be cancelled at any time, and 50% of the remaining balance 
will be refunded.

Dialogs Stability: Dialogs is stable, secure, and reliable. However, environments change, and any application 
exposed to the internet should be diligently monitored and maintained.

Hosting: Rates shown above are for MAs only and do not include hosting fees. MAs may be purchased to 
support any Application—hosted by Dialogs or any other commercial hosting service.

Pricing Examples

We offer several maintenance agreements that define the level of response time to emergency and non-emergency requests. Choose the service your business needs.

$ – LevelC: 4-hour initial report, online support (regular business hours) – $70 per month

$$ – LevelB: 2-hour initial report, phone support (8-5 CT 7 days/wk) – $175 per month

$$$ – LevelA: 1-hour initial report, phone support (24/7/365) – $525 per month

If you need Support and Maintenance with the power and flexibility of Dialogs, request a quote today.

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eCommerce - Succeed with your online business by employing secure, compliant ecommerce that's easy to maintain, configured to your specific needs, and accurately represents your brand.

Portals - Make it easy for your customers and employees to find the information they need. Easy-to-use group-based access controls allow you to decide what is public or private.

Inventory & Fulfillment - Stay up-to-date with where your product is – in a shelf or on its way to a customer. Easily manage shipping costs, product bundles, pick tickets, packing lists, and shipping labels.

Learning Management - Easily maintain course and lesson content delivery to internal and external learners – integrate with ecommerce for a turnkey LMS website.

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Development Framework - Harness the power of Dialogs Framework™. Leverage our stable, flexible, secure development platform for efficient web applications and mobile app backends.

Hosting - Host your Dialogs-powered website or mobile backend in a Dialogs data center for the utmost security, compliance, performance, and peace of mind.

Support and Maintenance - Protect your investment. Dialogs is here 24/7/365 to keep your web or mobile app running smoothly and to grow your solution to meet changing demands.

Custom Apps - Don't settle. Many Dialogs solutions start out as custom solutions to a specific client's requirements. Let Dialogs build the right technology for your web, mobile, and process needs.