CRM Without All the Work-Arounds


Don't let SalesForce or other stock customer relationship management software force how you manage your customers and sales team. A custom CRM solution from Dialogs is more affordable than you might expect – it can pay for itself by replacing your'team's subscription fees.

  • CRM software configured exactly to your needs
  • uses your vernacular
  • better solution than shared Excel spreadsheets
  • replacement – no more work-arounds


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A brand is not just a logo. Bickford leverages brand like no one else.

Bickford CRM and Surveys

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Bickford CRM and Surveys

For Bickford Senior Living, occupancy gives them a lock success. A Dialogs-powered CRM is the key.

Bickford CRM

is Powered by Dialogs

Bickford CRM

For Bickford Senior Living, occupancy gives them a lock success. A Dialogs-powered CRM is the key.


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Case Study

Bickford Senior Living

Bickford's branch locations share a library of collateral that can be easily personalized.

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Dialogs CRM

Keep accurate data about sales leads and customers. Track the progress of developing leads. Set goals and reminders for your sales staff. Generate reports for individuals and teams or branch locations. Best of all, conducting business in a custom CRM system means no more work-arounds. Everything is named what you call it, grouped the way you think, ordered in the steps you follow. A CRM system should be intuitive – you shouldn't have to train new employees for a month to learn how to use your CRM. Stop working for your CRM. Make your CRM work for you.

Pricing Examples

CRM systems vary greatly in complexity. Depending on the number of users in your company, a custom CRM system can quickly pay for itself with the savings from SalesForce seat fees.

$ – simple data input and sharing without integrations – as low as $10,000

$$ – connect to a few third-party systems via APIs – as low as $18,000

$$$ – highly complex data flowing in and out – $30,000+

If you need CRM with the power and flexibility of Dialogs, request a quote today.

Dialogs Solutions Bring Everything Together.

Content Management - DialogsCMS is the best website builder around! Control your message on the web, mobile, and social media. It's easy to use and completely aligned to your business needs.

Web Design - Build your business around a website that supports marketing goals, is mobile responsive, and connects to business processes. Start with stock templates or Dialogs custom design.

Mobile-Friendly Delivery - Leverage the explosion in mobile access through a responsive website that shares data with a Dialogs-powered mobile app or third-party-developed mobile app.

eCommerce - Succeed with your online business by employing secure, compliant ecommerce that's easy to maintain, configured to your specific needs, and accurately represents your brand.

Responsive Design - Google now penalizes websites that do not offer mobile-optimized presentation. Dialogs offers a painless conversion of non-mobile sites.

Portals - Make it easy for your customers and employees to find the information they need. Easy-to-use group-based access controls allow you to decide what is public or private.

Inventory & Fulfillment - Stay up-to-date with where your product is – in a shelf or on its way to a customer. Easily manage shipping costs, product bundles, pick tickets, packing lists, and shipping labels.

SaaS Builder - SaaS Builder™ gives you the power to market cloud-based services to a vertical market, including websites, ecommerce, distributed content, blogs, and more. It even helps you manage your business.

CRM - Never lose another sales opportunity. SalesManager™ gives you and your sales team the tools you need to track business opportunities. Stop living with endless SalesForce workarounds.

Learning Management - Easily maintain course and lesson content delivery to internal and external learners – integrate with ecommerce for a turnkey LMS website.

Community Building - Reach your audience and never let go. Blogs catch their eye, forums start a conversation, points and achievements reward loyalty, and private messages bring people together.

Development Framework - Harness the power of Dialogs Framework™. Leverage our stable, flexible, secure development platform for efficient web applications and mobile app backends.

Hosting - Host your Dialogs-powered website or mobile backend in a Dialogs data center for the utmost security, compliance, performance, and peace of mind.

Support and Maintenance - Protect your investment. Dialogs is here 24/7/365 to keep your web or mobile app running smoothly and to grow your solution to meet changing demands.

Custom Apps - Don't settle. Many Dialogs solutions start out as custom solutions to a specific client's requirements. Let Dialogs build the right technology for your web, mobile, and process needs.