Dialogs Hosting

Your business is too important for commodity-grade consumer hosting. Your website should never sit on the same server with thousands of other sites. Consumer hosts make their money by squeezing as many sites as possible on one server with little regard for performance. Professional-grade hosting like ours may cost a bit more because maximizing the performance of each site is more important than overloading each server.

Our Approach to Web Hosting

We offer limitless flexibility about where you host your Dialogs-powered ebusiness solution. You can choose to host where you want. We recommend commercial hosting for any ebusiness application. Dialogs Framework also runs smoothly in cloud environments. If you have in-house I.T. capabilities, you can host on your own server. While we don't recommend consumer hosting, Dialogs Framework will run on any hosting solution that meets the Dialogs Framework hosting requirements. Dialogs does not host email for your domain, but there are options.

Host Your Applications with Dialogs

We offer outstanding commercial hosting that ensures that you get the most from your Dialogs-powered applications. Our hosting is safe, secure, and professionally managed in a data center with redundant systems and 24/7 on-site staff. We perform nightly backups of all hosted data.

Our hosting is very secure and can be configured for regulated industries like medical (HIPAA) and government agencies with strict requirements. The Enterprise Dialogs licenses includes encryption tools to encrypt sensitive data within the application database. We strategically manage credit card data for PCI-compliant ecommerce through our recommended payment gateways, currently Stripe and Braintree, to flow all PCI data through the gateway and not through your Dialogs powered website. This minimizes PCI-compliance scope and greatly reduces your risk profile.

We can affordably host your simple marketing content, and we can also stay ahead of fast-growing audiences and high concurrency situations.

We host applications built on Dialogs Framework exclusively. We do not host other applications or other frameworks, and we do not host email.

Optimize the performance of ebusiness website or mobile app. To learn more about our hosting packages, including pricing and technical specifications, please contact us. We will review all your options to help you make a solid choice for your business.

High Concurrency

Concurrency describes an application's capacity to serve simultaneous requests. Most websites and mobile applications do not require constant connection to the Dialogs application, rather they make periodic requests for information (a web page for example) then disconnect while the user interacts with that information. For this reason, modest hosting resources can typically accommodate hundreds or even thousands of authenticated users because their requests are intermittent, and in any given second, only a fraction of the whole will be interacting with the application.

The majority of small-business websites and mobile app backends generate traffic that can be adequately serviced in shared hosting environments.

For middle-market companies, applications commonly require hundreds or thousands of users accessing the system at the same time. Applications like this require dedicated hosting resources. In extreme cases – for example a call-to-action broadcast in a TV show to respond to a poll on a website or mobile app – concurrency can be extremely high requiring load balancing across an array of servers (or server instances).

When Dialogs is aware of high concurrency requirements going into a project, we may recommend techniques to scale the application for high concurrency including RAM-based caching, leveraging content delivery networks (CDNs) and coding techniques to best accommodate it. This can increase development and maintenance costs, but may reduce the on-going hosting footprint to support the application. The specific requirements to accommodate concurrency cannot be fully defined until the application is in beta and load testing can be conducted. 

Clients concerned that the Dialogs app can accommodate a certain minimal level of concurrency should budget (time and cost) for a formal load-testing phase. 

High Availability

Availability describes the "uptime" or ability to access the hosted application. In typical deployment scenarios, the Dialogs application is installed on one production server or server instance. The application would not be available during scheduled server/application maintenance windows or in the event of server failure or reboot. Maintenance is typically scheduled during non-peak times and failures are uncommon. Most deployment requirements are not negatively impacted by the potential for these infrequent periods of unavailability.

Mission critical applications may require high availability, that is virtually 100% uptime. Provisions for this requirement are managed within the hosting environment and typically involve full redundancy of all systems and potential redundancy across geographically dispersed data centers. 

Clients concerned about high availability must budget for substantially increased ongoing hosting costs.