eMail Hosting Options

Dialogs specializes in developing innovative backend solutions for websites and mobile applications. Dialogs offers optimized hosting for Dialogs-powered websites and mobile apps. Dialogs does not host email. Here's why...

Businesses are better off obtaining services from providers that specialize. Optimizing, securing, and supporting web/app backends is quite different than optimizing, securing, and supporting email. While your Dialogs-powered website or mobile app may send outbound emails as part of the app's process functionality, we believe hosted email accounts for any business should be placed with a host that specializes in providing this service. Businesses that host email and web separately:

  1. get the very highest value/security/flexibility from each service;
  2. continue communications via one of these two critical business tools should the other service go down;
  3. realize optimal flexibility for changing one hosting provider in the future.

Here's a great email migration checklist for what typically must be done to move one or more email accounts on a private domain from one host to another.

Attractive options for email hosting (as of January 2014):

  • GoogleApps $5/user/month
    Great for Android integration
    25GB/user storage
    Useful online apps and google Drive storage
  • Microsoft Office 365 Starting at $5/user/month
    Enterprise Exchange accounts
    Outlook Web interface
    upgrade for tight integration with Word/Excel/Powerpoint
  • email hosting with your domain Registrar: if you don't need the extra business features of the above, many Domain registrars also offer email hosting for $1 or so /user/month. (e.g. GoDaddy, Hover, eNom, etc.) 

Tools to migrate from existing email host to a new email host :