Work Apps That Work

“So easy, even Darcy can do it” has become a catch phrase around our company. You might think I would take offense to that remark, but in reality, I proudly say it myself every chance I get. As a non-techie employee at a highly technical company, you might think I would be easily intimidated by all the talk about PHP, CSS, MySQL, JSON, TinyMCE, etc., especially when everyone knows that I am a traffic manager, not a coder.

However, after celebrating my first anniversary working at Dialogs, I realize that I, the non-techie of the company, play a very important role in ensuring that our developers meet our goal of creating solutions that are as user-friendly as they are sophisticated. After all, what good does it do to design an awesome website or business management system if the customer can’t figure out how to use it or make it do what they want it to do?

Most business owners have experienced the frustration of purchasing a shiny new piece of software with the assurance that it is going to make running their business easier and more efficient only to find out that it takes weeks, maybe months, to really get to know the product. And then, it doesn’t perform the specific tasks they had hoped. Instead it has a lot of features they will never use. They end up settling for an expensive, off-the-shelf product that doesn’t fit their company’s needs, isn’t customizable, and is hard to understand without a degree in computer science.

A really good app doesn’t have to be either customizable OR user-friendly. It can be – and should be – both, and you don’t have to be on the Fortune 500 to afford it.

If your business management solutions, mobile apps, or websites aren’t “so easy even Darcy can do it,” let Dialogs show you how they can be. Contact us today.